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Soul Connections Healing
is a very lovely form of Spiritual Healing. This work helps us to feel – to become aware of - the Energy of Love that is within us all. This is our essence. This is the force which created us and will help to heal us, for it is the force which transforms and illuminates. Once we are ‘at one’ with this Love, a healing process is set in motion and the vibration of this Love will clear the blocks in our energy flow. As old hurts and negative emotions are gently released, cellular memory is changed and a good flow of Love or Life force is established within us. This brings inner peace and wellness on all levels of our being.

Spiritual Healing is the oldest form of energy healing, for it is as old as we are. It is part of us, an innate ability, which we use instinctively without realising what we are doing. Watch a mother with a child. The moment the child hurts itself, the mother immediately touches the sore part – she is instinctively giving healing energy to her child through the palm of her hand. Watch someone with toothache and see how often he keeps touching his face, he is doing the same thing.

Spiritual Healing is also the simplest form of healing because we are all part of this healing love and all we need are our hands to give it to ourselves and others.

In this work emphasis is placed on teaching clients to eat and breathe correctly, and how to be still, because these are things we can all do to nurture ourselves and keep ourselves well.

What greater gift can we give to the world than to be really well. True wellness is to live love, peace and joy ourselves and radiate it out to help others.