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Do you want to be able to feel more inner peace?
Do you want to be able to cope better with stress?
Do you want to be able to concentrate better?
Do you want more mental clarity?
Do you want to be more creative?
Do you want to be able to slow down the speed with which your body ages?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then think of doing the Soul Connections Meditation Course. This particular form of meditation helps us to develop the most beautiful inner peace.

This is our greatest coping skill, for the more peaceful we are, the less likely we are to react to a difficult situation in a way which causes us stress. We can react to something in anger or we can simply let it go – the choice is ours – but it is the angry response which causes us to become stressed, not the incident itself.

Through meditation we learn to still our minds and control our thoughts. This helps to improve our concentration and memory and give us mental clarity.

Studies have shown that people who meditate regularly have a much lower biological age than their chronological age – it slow down the aging process and helps to keep us well.

Why not try it? Let’s all meditate.

This meditation practice has three parts to it:

1. A simple exercise which helps us to release tension and relax.
2. A period of deep abdominal breathing which stills the body and starts to calm the mind.
3. A time of stillness in which people are At One with their Source and feel their inner peace.

A course consists of 6 weekly sessions. Each session lasts approximately 40minutes. I am very happy to come to your workplace/school to do group workshops.

Please contact me between 8am and 8.30am for information.


Soul Connections Healing is a very beautiful and profound form of Spiritual Healing. It’s about learning to work with ourselves and become aware of the energy of Love that is within us all, to feel it and learn to be at one with it. As we feel this inner Love so it starts to heal us, for this is the force that created us and this same force will re-create or heal us as we gain awareness of it.

In this course we learn about

Conscious breathing
The energetic anatomy
This Love Energy
Allowing this Energy to heal ourselves and others

It is a very practical, ‘hands-on’ course. The participants spend most of the 3 days doing healing work on each other, and we spend a lot of time breathing and meditating, for it is in the stillness that we are able to feel our Oneness with our Source, this creative Love. The deeper our awareness of this Oneness, the deeper the healing work that is done. I find that people are confident and capable of doing this work once they have completed the workshop.

The first two days of the workshop are on one weekend and the third is on a Saturday 4 to 6 weeks later. I ask everyone to practice deep breathing and meditation on a daily basis, so that it becomes a natural part of their lives. At some point I would like each participant to give me a healing. This they can do whenever they feel ready. I also ask each participant to give me 100 case studies.

I provide a manual which gives all the necessary information. It is a fun, fascinating course to do.

Please contact me between 8am and 8.30am for information.