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I heard about reflexology by chance 27 years ago. I had been very ill for a number of years and was taking masses of medication, which helped me to a degree, but I was still far from well. Reflexology was very much in its infancy in this country then, but I knew without any doubt that it would help me. And it did. Six months later I had weaned myself of the medication I had been on for the past seven years, and I have never looked back. A few years later, I studied reflexology because I wanted to be able to help my own family. Friends started to come for treatment, and my practice soon grew until I was working fulltime. These years taught me what a tremendous healing ability the human body has, and I gained invaluable knowledge of its energetic anatomy. We moved back to Durban in 1995 and I was then able to look at other forms of healing.

Over the next ten years I studied and practiced quite a few different methods of energy healing, and from all of this and from my own inner guidance, Soul Connections, the work I now do, came into being. Meditation became an essential part of my life at this time, because meditation, like healing, is the silent communion of the soul with its Source. In this ‘Oneness’ we are inspired, guided and rejuvenated.

I have been very fortunate - for the past 22 years I have done work that I have loved doing and found completely fascinating. I have worked with wonderful people and seen a lot of miracles. I have seen the joy of people who have found inner peace. I have seen the babies of women who came for help with infertility, the grateful smiles of people who have experienced relief from long-term pain and the smiles of those who should have had operations but no longer needed them. I have seen people transform as they have let go of the hurt, grief, guilt, resentment and anger they have carried around with them for many years. I have seen the miraculous transformation of women as they have become aware of their own worth and have been able to deal with abusive relationships. I have had the privilege of supporting people through terminal illnesses and helping them to find peace before they died. I have also had to learn that sometimes people need their illnesses because they are a necessary part of their growth. For me, it has been and continues to be, an amazing journey.

I believe that we all have a gift to give back to the world. I am so very grateful that the gift I have to give, is that of healing.